Uber’s former founder Travis Kalanick wants to be known by a new nickname

In the days before Uber, Travis Kalanick wasn’t much different than other San Francisco Bay Location entrepreneurs, other than that he was fresh off a $20 million exit and had a fondness for Pulp Fiction.

In a sparsely furnished apartment in the city’s Castro district, Kalanick looked for to become a “fixer,” reports Mike Isaac in “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber,” released Tuesday.

However it wasn’t just any fixer that Kalanick, fresh off a sale of his second business, Red Swoosh, imagined: his idol became none other than Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction.

” Kalanick started investing little amounts of money in various start-ups with the understanding that he ‘d be offered as their own individual fixer, willing to swoop in and resolve problems whenever a founder required his help,” Isaac composes in the brand-new book.

” Got an issue with an upset financier? The Wolf can manage it. Do not know the very first thing about working with brand-new engineers? Just call The Wolf. Possibly you have late-night ideas on your company’s next move and want to talk it out. Never fear, The Wolf is here.”.

Choosing a minimum of some difference from the Tarantino character, Kalanick had a different label in mind, Isaac reports. He even set up a twitter account, @KonaTBone, for “musings and controversial aphorisms.”.

The account is now private, with 30 fans, but snapshots accessed through the Wayback Machine reveal an easier time in Kalanick’s life.

” Tbones back,” he tweeted in around 1:30 am on October 2007, prior to releasing into what appears to be a night of celebration.

” Tbones skollin those mutha f– s on the danc e flooring yo,” he tweeted about an hour later on. Lastly, by about 4 am, the night appears to have ended with a final “KTB Is oooowwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuttttttte.” (The next day involved a headache and a journey back to San Francisco, apparently.).

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