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Concussions linked to erectile dysfunction in former NFL Players


The research– based upon a study of more than 3,400 former NFL gamers representing the biggest study mate of former expert football gamers to date– was conducted by private investigators at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School as part of the ongoing Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, a research study program that incorporates a constellation of studies created to assess different elements of players’ health throughout their life-spans.

The scientists warn that their findings are observational– based upon self-reported concussion symptoms and indirect steps of ED and low testosterone.

The outcomes do not prove a cause-effect link in between concussion and ED, nor do they describe exactly how head trauma may precipitate the onset of ED, the private investigators noted. However, the findings do reveal an interesting and powerful link in between history of concussions and hormonal and sexual dysfunction, no matter gamer age. Notably, the ED danger continued even when scientists represented other possible causes such as diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea, for example. Taken together, these findings necessitate more research study to tease out the precise mechanism behind it.

One possible explanation, the research study team stated, could be injury to the brain’s pituitary gland that triggers a cascade of hormone changes culminating in decreased testosterone and ED. This biological system has actually become a possible explanation in earlier research studies that echo the present findings, such as reports of higher ED frequency and neurohormonal dysfunction amongst individuals with head trauma and distressing brain injury, including military veterans and civilians with head injuries.

The brand-new findings also suggest that sleep apnea and usage of prescription discomfort medication add to low testosterone and ED. It stays uncertain whether they do so individually, as consequences of head injury or both, the researchers said.

Sexual function is not just a crucial marker of general health however likewise main to total wellness, the scientists keep in mind. Understanding the mechanisms behind the possible downstream impacts of head injury, they stated, can notify treatments and preventive techniques.

” Previous players with ED might be eased to know that concussions sustained during their NFL careers might be adding to a condition that is both common and treatable,” said study lead author Rachel Grashow, a researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The results are based on a survey of 3,409 previous NFL players, average age 52 years (age variety 24 to 89), carried out in between 2015 and 2017. Individuals were asked to report how often blows to the head or neck caused them to feel lightheaded, nauseated or disoriented, or to experience headaches, loss of consciousness or vision disruptions– all markers of concussion. Responders were grouped in 4 categories by variety of concussive signs.

Next, the former players were asked whether a clinician had advised medication for either low testosterone or ED, and whether they were presently taking such medications.

Male who reported the highest variety of concussion symptoms were 2 and a half times most likely to report getting either a recommendation for medication or to be presently taking medication for low testosterone, compared to males who reported the fewest concussion symptoms. Men with the most concussion signs were almost two times more likely to report getting a recommendation to take ED medication or to be currently taking ED medication than those reporting the fewest symptoms. Players who reported losing consciousness following head injury had a raised risk for ED even in the absence of other concussion-related symptoms.

Especially, even former gamers with relatively few concussion symptoms had an elevated risk for low testosterone, a finding that recommends there may be no safe limit for head injury, the team said.

Of all participants, 18 percent reported low testosterone and nearly 23 percent reported ED. Slightly less than 10 percent of participants reported both.

As expected, people with heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and depression, as well as those taking prescription pain medication– all of which are known to affect sexual health– were most likely to report low testosterone levels and ED. Yet, the link in between concussion history and low testosterone levels and ED continued even after scientists accounted for these other conditions.

The link in between history of concussion and ED existed among both the older and the younger gamers– those under age 50 in this case– the analysis showed, and it continued over time.

” We found the very same association of concussions with ED amongst both younger and older men in the study, and we found the very same risk of ED amongst guys who had last played twenty years earlier,” stated study senior author Andrea Roberts, a scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “These findings recommend that increased danger of ED following head injury might occur at reasonably young ages and may remain for years afterwards.”

Considered that ED is both relatively common and easily treatable, those who experience signs are motivated to report them to their doctors, the scientists said.

Importantly, timely assessment of ED is vital due to the fact that it can signify the existence of other conditions, consisting of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The findings also recommend that it may be essential for clinicians to evaluate all clients with concussion history for the existence of neurohormonal changes.

” ED is a truth of life for many men,” said Herman Taylor, director of gamer engagement and education and director of the Cardiovascular Research Study Institute at Morehouse School of Medication. “Anybody with symptoms should seek scientific attention and thorough assessment, especially since ED can be fueled by cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Fortunately is that this is a treatable condition.”

Co-investigators included Marc Weisskopf, Karen Miller, David M. Nathan, Ross Zafonte, Frank Speizer, Theodore Courtney, Aaron Baggish, Alvaro Pascual-Leone and Lee Nadler.

The research study was supported by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA).

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