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10 fast-food chains with the most places in America


There are more Subway areas in America than McDonald’s and Hamburger Kings combined.

Country’s Restaurant News released its yearly Leading 200 list this year, breaking down the biggest names in the business by sales, shop count, and more.

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While McDonald’s reigns supreme in sales and Chick-fil-A is climbing up the charts, when it concerns sheer size by location count, some different chains triumph. In 2019, Starbucks bested McDonald’s in terms of the variety of areas– though, both disappointed Train.

Here are the 10 largest chains in the US by the variety of areas:

10. Circle K

10. Circle K Getty

Total US locations: 5,852

9. Domino’s

9. Domino's Darren Weaver

Total US locations: 5,876

8. Taco Bell

8. Taco Bell Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Total US locations: 6,588

7. Burger King

7. Burger King Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Total US locations: 7,330

6. Pizza Hut

6. Pizza Hut Hollis Johnson

Total US locations: 7,482

5. 7-Eleven

5. 7-Eleven Getty/Tim Boyle

Total US locations: 7,937

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

4. Dunkin' Donuts Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

Total US locations: 9,419

3. McDonald’s

3. McDonald's Irene Jiang / Business Insider

Total US locations: 13,914

2. Starbucks

2. Starbucks Starbucks

Total US locations: 14,608

1. Subway

1. Subway Associated Press

Total US locations: 24,798

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