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N.J. Female Supposedly Burned Down Home Of Guy Who Required Sex At 4 A.M., Then Fell Asleep Before She Got here


A New Jersey male may have found out the hard way– if you phone a lady at 4 a.m. for sex, it’s best to stay awake until she gets here.

Authorities in Woodbury stated that 29-year-old Taija Russell decided to get vengeance after getting an extremely late night booty call and showing up to discover that her date was snoozing. As the New York City Daily News reported, Russell apparently appeared to the unnamed man’s home to find the guy had actually currently turned in for the night, then decided to go to a nearby gas station to purchase lighter fluid and a lighter prior to returning to set his house on fire.

The report noted that the lady, after calling the male back 8 times and getting no answer, texted him a caution that read, “I see you wan na pass away” and “You wasted my money to come out here.” This all took place while the guy’s house was burning to the ground, cops said.

The weird scenarios of the claims against Taija Russell made some national interest, with a variety of significant news outlets picking up on the story and numerous sharing it on social networks.

This is not the first time a booty call rejection has caused a viral crime story. Back in 2015, a South Carolina lady was implicated of threatening her partner with a packed gun because he rebuffed her sexual advances. As The Smoking cigarettes Weapon kept in mind, cops files stated that 33-year-old Ryan Rucker was asleep at an early stage Valentine’s Day when his girlfriend, Michelle Smart, attempted to make sexual advances on him. Rucker told police that he pressed his 30-year-old girlfriend off of him, leading her to grow angered.

He welcomed her to his house for sex at 4 a.m. But when she got here, he had gone to sleep. Then she set his house on fire. https://t.co/PbAyoPNNEU

— New York City Daily News (@NYDailyNews) August 18, 2019

Smart informed police a different story, stating that Rucker grew violent after pushing her off of him, stating “he punched and kicked her multiple times.” Authorities kept in mind that Smart changed her story numerous times, and charged her for the supposed attack.

The New Jersey occurrence might have had a number of silver linings though. Police stated that the male who was inside the house when the scorned date supposedly set it on fire was able to leave through a window and run to a nearby police headquarters to summon aid. The guy did struggle with burns and smoke inhalation, the report noted, and his house was destroyed. Nevertheless, firefighters had the ability to save the male’s pet dog.

Taija Russell has actually been charged with arson and tried murder for the incident.

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