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The Real Reason Why People Gain Weight When They Get Older


Many individuals have a hard time to keep their weight in check as they get older. Now brand-new research study at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has actually discovered why that is: Lipid turnover in the fat tissue reduces throughout ageing and makes it easier to gain weight, even if we do not eat more or exercise less than previously. The study is published in the journal Nature Medicine.

The scientists studied the fat cells in 54 men and women over an average period of 13 years. In that time, all subjects, no matter whether they acquired or dropped weight, revealed decreases in lipid turnover in the fat tissue, that is the rate at which lipid (or fat) in the fat cells is eliminated and stored. Those who didn’t compensate for that by eating less calories gained weight by an average of 20 percent, according to the study which was carried out in cooperation with scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden and University of Lyon in France.

The scientists also took a look at lipid turnover in 41 ladies who went through bariatric surgery and how the lipid turnover rate impacted their capability to keep the weight off 4 to 7 years after surgery. The outcome showed that just those who had a low rate before the surgery managed to increase their lipid turnover and maintain their weight-loss. The scientists think these individuals may have had more space to increase their lipid turnover than those who already had a top-level pre-surgery.

” The results show for the first time that processes in our fat tissue manage modifications in body weight throughout ageing in a way that is independent of other elements,” states Peter Arner, professor at the Department of Medication in Huddinge at Karolinska Institutet and among the study’s main authors. “This might open up brand-new methods to deal with weight problems.”

Prior research studies have shown that a person way to accelerate the lipid turnover in the fat tissue is to exercise more. This new research supports that notion and additional shows that the long-lasting outcome of weight-loss surgery would improve if integrated with increased exercise.

” Obesity and obesity-related diseases have ended up being a worldwide issue,” says Kirsty Spalding, senior researcher at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet and another of the study’s primary authors. “Understanding lipid characteristics and what regulates the size of the fat mass in people has never been more appropriate.”

The study was funded by grants from the Stockholm County Council, the Swedish Research Council, the Strategic Research Program for Diabetes at Karolinska Institutet, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Swedish Diabetes Foundation, Karolinska Institutet-Astra Zeneca Integrated Cardiometabolic Center, the Vallee Structure, the Swedish Society of Medicine, the Erling-Persson Household foundation and IXXI.

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