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Ashton Kutcher Broke His Toe In Early Morning Accident


Ashton Kutcher is recuperating after breaking his toe in an early morning accident in the house.

The actor revealed his efforts to be a fantastic dad left him nursing a nasty injury during an appearance on U.S. TV program Cope with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday.

” I was in bed and our daughter enters into the space to, like, leap in bed with us … and in some cases I simply, like, scoop her up and put her in bed, sometimes I take her back,” he described.

” So she comes in and I am like, ‘OK, I’m either going to get 15 minutes of hell from my child right now or 15 minutes of hell from Mila in the morning’, since we’re attempting to get her (child, Wyatt) to sleep in her bed. Therefore I’m like, ‘OK, I’m gon na go put her in bed’.

” I go to take an action and I simply go down. My toe is, like, pointing the other direction now. And I’m on the ground and I resemble, ‘Babe, I believe you require to take Wyatt to bed’. Therefore she occurs and takes her to bed.”

Kutcher didn’t wish to go to immediate care at 3am, so he tried to repair his damaged toe: “I, like, do a Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon thing and just kinda put it back on,” he stated, including his other half Mila Kunis was extremely satisfied with his pain threshold: “Mila’s like, ‘That’s the sexiest thing I have actually ever seen you do’. I was like, ‘I will break my toe every night for you, babe’.”.

He then added a word of warning to all moms and dads, specifying, “Beware when your kids enter the room in the evening. It can be more dangerous than you think!”.

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