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Rick Ross Opens Up His Georgia Estate For Concerning America Sequel


Rick Ross has landed himself a role in the Coming To America follow up after opening up his house to the cast and team.

The rapper resides in the Georgia estate once owned by fighter Evander Holyfield, which was singled out as an area for Eddie Murphy’s new film.

” They’re shooting Coming to America 2 at the estate today,” Ross tells syndicated columnist Allison Kugel. “I have a small role and I did my first scene a few days earlier.”

The truth that he’s rubbing shoulders with funnyman Murphy in his own house has actually made Rick understand he lives a grand life– and his kids understand absolutely nothing of the hardships he faced maturing.

” It’s not a training I would learn about firsthand, and I’m quite sure I would feel entitled if Eddie Murphy was walking my father’s house and Pertaining to America 2 was being recorded at my daddy’s estate,” he includes.

” As moms and dads, we require to set examples due to the fact that we have to let our children grow into what and who they are going to be. I really don’t put a lot of pressure on my kids, since they’re excellent trainees and they are really considerate of me and of everybody else around them. I’m permitting them to become young adults, and to choose what college they want to go to, what they wish to be, what they wish to do, how they want to do it, and where they wish to do it. I’m quite totally free about that.”

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