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Jennifer Lopez Closes Versace’s Milan Show With New Version Of Iconic Grammys Gown


Jennifer Lopez stunned the style elite in Milan, Italy on Friday by closing the Versace spring-summer 2020 runway program in a dress that looked like the one that turned her into a design icon twenty years ago.

Jaws dropped as the actress and singer hit the catwalk in what appeared like the revealing tropical green gown that turned heads at the 2000 Grammy Awards, when her outfit became a larger talking point than her romance with then-boyfriend Diddy.

Donatella Versace redesigned the clothing for her pal’s huge entryway, which came instantly after images of the star in the iconic creation were flashed onto giant screens above the runway.

Versace ended the slide program by mentioning, “Now show me the genuine jungle dress”, as the Hustlers star strutted her things.

As the fashion crowd went wild, Lopez sought out Donatella and the pair walked the runway together, smiling and chuckling.

J.Lo recently remembered the effect of ‘that dress’ on her YouTube channel, exposing the look produced “an extra kinetic energy” on the red carpet.

MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 20: Jennifer Lopez walks the runway at the Versace show during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 on September 20, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

” It simply goes to show you the power of style and the power of those kinds of moments,” she said. “I understand individuals try to make it pointless sometimes, however what those things do is they give people an inspiration. It puts a stunning moment out into the world. One gown can alter the trajectory of how people dress for the next 10 years. It’s an insane effect that fashion can have.”

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