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If You Owned a Galaxy S4, Samsung Owes You $10.


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced back in 2013 it was a top Android phone choice, but it was likewise captured unfaithful on standards. Now Samsung is required to pay everyone in the United States who owned an S4 $10 in compensation.

As The Register reports, a class-action lawsuit was filed by Daniel Norcia in 2014 after it was found Samsung had cheated on phone criteria to make the Galaxy S4 appearance artificially quicker than the competition. Samsung detected when popular standard software was being operated on the phone and increased the phone’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor speed from 480MHz to 532Mhz in reaction. It also required the use of all four processor cores, which when combined with the speed increase certainly assisted on standards.

Samsung’s defense in the event was that under California law it’s not “lawfully required” to inform consumers the phone was setup to cheat on benchmarks. Consequently, Samsung has invested years arguing against the charge and the case escalated all the way up to the Supreme Court.

With the case threatening to enter its seventh year and a trial looming, a contract has lastly been struck in between the 2 parties to settle the matter. In total, Samsung will pay $13.4 million to make this case go away. Daniel Norcia will get $7,500, a settlement fund gets $2.8 million, and the remaining $10.6 million will be injunctive relief. The legal representatives battling the case receive $1.5 million for their years of work.

For the 10 million people in the US who bought a Galaxy S4, an e-mail needs to be hitting your inbox quickly allowing you to claim your $10 of the settlement. That assumes when you purchased the phone you turned over your e-mail address and still utilize the same address. If you didn’t or do not, then apparently acquiring the U.S.A. Today on Mondays is recommended as the details will eventually appear in the paper’s Legal Notifications or Money area.

As part of the settlement, Samsung agreed to not consist of software that increases phone performance throughout benckmark tests. However, it has just accepted comply with that up until 2024. The settlement also does not require Samsung to confess any wrongdoing …

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