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WWE Fans Boo and Chant ‘AEW’ After Hell in a Cell Ending


The main event of WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view left fans outraged on Sunday night, as the Hell in a Cell bout between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt was thrown away by the referee after Rollins whacked “The Fiend” with a sledgehammer. The boos in the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento were deafening, as many fans were hoping to see Wyatt catch the WWE Universal Champion after months of accumulation. Wyatt quickly recuperated from the attack and put Rollins in the Mandible Claw to close out the program, however it was too little too late. Fans even presumed as to shout “AEW,” mere days after AEW Dynamite had beaten NXT in the rankings in their best on Wednesday night.

Many fans then took to Twitter to voice their frustration over the scheduling decision. It might be quite a long time before Wyatt gets another chance at Rollins, given that he’s currently scheduled for a 10-man tag match at Crown Jewel and, if recent history is any indication, he’ll be in a Champ vs. Champ match at Survivor Series.

Have a look at a few of the very best reactions listed below.

1 of 7 More Chants After the Show
Booing, AEW, and we want refund chants roar their the crowd. #hiac #HellInACell

2 of 7The Right Move?
@NickJacksonYB @MattJackson13 @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @KennyOmegamanX @CodyRhodes #HellInACell #AEW CHANTS

3 of 7X-Pac Brings Up a Great Point
Sean Waltman said “I know you might not have me back for one of these but how the HELL do you get DQ’d in a HIAC match?!”

4 of 7That’s Never a Good Comparison
Jon Alba
I really never try to use hyperbole. I hate it. And I love WWE. But I think we just saw an all-clunker WWE PPV main event. I just watched Russo winning the the title on Nitro last night. It feels like that.

5 of 7A Well-Timed Tweet
The Young Bucks®
We’ll be back Wednesday for a new episode of Dynamite on TNT.

6 of 7What Are The Rules?
Kenny McIntosh
Can someone explain how Mick Foley fell off a cell and it was fine but Seth beating up Bray with weapons constitues a DQ? #HIAC now means nothing just like last year when Braun lost his MITB contract in a no contest. Like, WHAT?!

7 of 7Loud Noises!
Ryan Satin

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