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San Francisco 49ers Faithful frantically looking for Kyle Shanahan hat


The San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan sported a mystical hat on Monday Night Football that had the web swooning. Getting your hands on that hat might prove to be tough, though.

As the ancient proverb says, “to the victor go the spoils.” San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has actually done nothing but declared success on the 2019 NFL season.

However not all success are measured with the very same stick.

Shanahan declared a huge success over every other NFL head coach with his hat game on Monday Night Football, as the Niners walloped the checking out Cleveland Browns 31-3 in prime-time television. Sure, the 49ers showed up big time under the lights of Levi’s Arena on the national phase. But the only thing that stuck out as prominently as EDGE Nick Bosa planting a phony flag in the ground was crown on Shanahan’s genius head.

You can get a much better view of Shanahan’s hat from Niner Noise’s Peter Panacy’s viewpoint during the postgame presser:
Peter Panacy

Kyle Shanahan is wary of the added hype that can come from a 4-0 start. States the method would be the “like 0-5.” # 49ers #CLEvsSF # 49wz.

The entirely red had featured a subtle “SF” logo design in a small black square on the hat’s front panel. The hat also appeared to feature the NFL 100 logo design on the back side.

Fans rapidly required to Twitter to find the hat. Pages were strongly clicked through at numerous online sites trying to find the hat.

Nada. The hat does not exist online. So where did Shanahan find it?

Sensations of distress came upon the Niner Faithful as nothing but stopped working efforts came from searching for a method to match Shanahan’s swagger. Perhaps the hat was custom. However the league has rigorous standard procedures. The NFL may be the only company with a tighter consistent policy than the private schools we send our kids to. Certainly, Shanahan did not have a hat custom made for him. Wide receiver Trent Taylor said the hat was custom-made and unavailable to those people at ground level.
Trent Taylor.

Custom made. he’s too baller to be using hats of the general public. I’m envious in fact.

It appears the 49ers carried out in fact carry the hat, which was made by New Period, but it quickly offered out. Those viewing the splendor from home never stood a chance at donning its greatness. The hat can be discovered online at the NFL store, or a minimum of it exists there.

The only hope is that New Era does all of us a favor and re-releases the hat. You may want to switch on post alerts from the 49ers simply in case they decide to equip the hat online once again.

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