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White woman launches racist tirade at 14-year-old black boy calling him a ‘no count, little n word


A white female called 14-year-old black teenager Barry Henry the n-word after he cluttered by dropping a gum wrapper on the ground on Sunday.

A white lady in Florida has actually been caught on electronic camera berating and hurling racial slurs at a 14-year-old black teenager, calling him a ‘no count, little n **** r’, for tossing a gum wrapper on the ground.

Barry Henry was with his family on Sunday and stopped at a Fedex shop in St. Petersburg after church to drop off some documents for his granny. As he left the store he pulled out a piece of gum and dropped the silver wrapper onto the ground.

Barry states his grandmother yelled for him to select it up before a white female, who has actually been dubbed ‘Choose It Up Peggy’, appeared behind him and began to scream at him for cluttering.

‘ Nu-uh don’t even imitate that. Pick it up. Discover it. Get down on your knees and discover it,’ the white female wearing sunglasses says in the shocking clip, strongly pointing into the a piece of yard where the gum wrapper fell.

Shocking video footage of her foul-mouthed tirade reveals the minute she indicates the turf where he dropped the wrapper and demands ‘get down on your knees and discover it’.

‘ Walk here acting like some! Film me, f *** er, movie me,’ the female continued her tirade as Barry walked away, attempting to laugh it off.

In the video Barry does not respond to the lady’s heated rant and leaves without stating a word when a security personnel from a nearby structure strolled over to see what was going on.

Barry’s cousin recorded the entire incident. His sis Deysha Henry, 24, posted it on Facebook where its gone viral acquired over 226,00 deem of Wednesday.

The white lady in the clip is yet to be determined.

The internet created her ‘Pick It Up Peggy’ after the notorious memes of Barbecue Becky and License Patty – other white women who reached viral popularity for pestering black individuals.

‘ I believed she was going to attack us. The woman was informing me, “Just pick it up,” real loud and just yelling and whatever, insane,’ Barry stated to WTSP.

Not just was the unwarranted tirade racist, it the first time Henry was ever called the n-word. To contribute to the humiliation, the white lady launched her attack in front of his viewing cousin and granny.

‘ I never believed that someone would state that due to the fact that it’s 2019. Who would say anything like that?’ he said.

‘ I thought she was going to assault us. The lady was telling me, “Simply select it up,” real loud and just shouting and everything, insane,’ Barry stated on the incident.

In the video Barry doesn’t react to the lady’s heated rant and walks away without saying a word when a security personnel from a nearby building walked over to see what was going on.

‘ I was in shock, I was unfortunate, I seethed, I had every emotion there possibly could be,’ Barry’s mom Tykeshia Henry-Burch.

‘ He informed me it harmed him and that he felt, well he stated to me, “I feel shocked, mama.” I was like, I’ve never taught my children to look at the color of anyone’s skin. Ever. We like individuals for who they are. We’ve never had any problems. It was really traumatizing,’ she contributed to WFLA.

‘ It’s definitely an insane world. I believe that lady was already upset about something else and simply a reason to act out, like go from absolutely no to ten. People feel bad for my sibling,’ Barry’s sibling Deysha Henry said.

‘ Yes, he was wrong for dropping a gum wrapper on the ground, however it did not necessitate her reaction. He was going to pick it up, my grandmother told him to pick it up, however as quickly as the lady started yelling, my grandma stated, “let’s go,”‘ she said.

The video outraged the neighborhood and led St. Petersburg City Council member Steve Kornell to share the video and request for Barry to be recognized so he might be honored at this week’s council meeting.

Henry’s sis posted a mobile phone video of the dreadful tirade where it’s racked up over 226,000 consider as of Wednesday.

‘ If anyone knows this young man I would enjoy to honor him at this week’s City board meeting for his severe politeness towards this lady who did not deserve it at all. It states a lot about him and about her,’ he stated on Facebook.

Deysha stated Councilman Kornell even called the Henry family to extend his apologies.

‘ He called and asked if he might take the young boys to the Rays’ championship game (Monday) but they had school. He was entirely apologetic about what occurred and wished to thank them for their politeness,’ Deysha stated.

She shared an update on that video on Facebook she didn’t upload the video to be retaliatory.

‘ The point of this post is/was to continue to raise awareness concerning unsuitable behavior, and bigotry in our city, country, and world. Please keep in mind that we are not a confrontational family, and we are not trying to find revenge towards this lady, nor are we looking to battle bigotry, with bigotry,’ she said.

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