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Is Dak Prescott at the core of the Dallas Cowboys recent losses?


Switching attention to another madhouse, there was a fascinating social networks post that captured my attention just recently. Likewise fascinating is the truth this person some also call a madman made the post and hence owns the following quote.

I keep hearing DAK PRESCOTT, 4 INTS IN LAST 2 GAMES!!! 1st was Hail Mary on which he got roughed as threw. Second hit Amari in his hands. 3rd was bad idea. 4th was outright disturbance by Green Bay’s King on Gallup. So Dak has actually had ONE he was worthy of. Dak Hate equals Brady Hate.

What do you believe? Well, I am here to tell you that he’s right. This is exceptional considering that the tweet is from the twitter account of FS1’s Skip Bayless because hardly ever exists an agreeable thing in between these 2 parties.

In any event, let’s break down the interceptions. Out of the 6 that Cowboys quarterback has thrown, the breakdown is as follows: Prescott threw one versus the Washington Redskins, one versus the Miami Dolphins, one versus the New Orleans Saints, and 3 in last week’s game versus the Green Bay Packers.

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