WhatsApp is inexplicably vanishing from the Play Store

If you attempt to try to find WhatsApp on the Play Store now, you’re likely to find absolutely nothing. For lots of users, looking for the app’s name just returns WhatsApp Company, and the regular Messenger app has actually disappeared from both the Set up and Beta tabs under My apps & video games. It is still accessible under its listing’s URL though.

The scenario is curious and seems to be more of a Play Store bug, at least to me, than a real issue with WhatsApp. On my computer, searching for WhatsApp in the Play Store does not reveal the app, as seen in the screenshot at the top of the post. That would suggest the app has been delisted– i.e. it’s live, however just for existing users who have actually already downloaded it. Nevertheless, straight loading the app’s URL works, even in incognito, which should not hold true if it were delisted.

On my phone, I see WhatsApp in my set up apps, beta tab, and through a search. However a number of other users are reporting that they don’t have it anywhere, in spite of it being installed. That’s likewise not what usually occurs to delisted apps.

Left: What I see when I look for WhatsApp. Right: What our tipsters see.

It’s a head-scratcher. It could be a screw up in the Google Play Console side of WhatsApp: perhaps some developer changed the regional accessibility or device compatibility, although that doesn’t completely discuss what we’re seeing. It could also be a Play Store bug. Something comparable occurred to Instagram recently– another Facebook home, by the way– but it was fixed after a day or 2.

In the meantime, if you currently have the app, you need not worry. Only updates might be for a short while unavailable. The only method you might be impacted is if you’re setting up a new gadget: If you don’t discover the app and the direct URL doesn’t let you download the app, you may not have the ability to install it. Because case, can save you.

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