Woman texts bro months after death and gets soothing response

Number had actually been reassigned – however complete stranger on other end was suffering similar heartbreak

When a lady sent a text to her brother’s mobile to inform him how much she missed him, she was most likely not anticipating a reply as he had passed away 6 months previously.

She had carried on occasionally messaging the number as part of her grieving procedure.

Then somebody responded– causing an exchange that has actually now gone viral online.

The number, it seems, had actually been reassigned indicating that when the lady, who has actually not identified herself, sent her latest text– ‘I just MISS YOU so much. God. What the hell’– it landed in a complete stranger’s inbox.

The recipient responded, saying: “I’m sorry to hear that you’re missing somebody but unfortunately you have the wrong number.

” I understand,” text the female, describing to the stranger that this had actually been her sibling’s number and she had carried on texting it “like he could hear [her]”.

However it appears the stranger remained in a position to comprehend.

” I’m going through a similar thing today,” she said. “My cousin who resembles a sister to me isn’t succeeding and is expected to pass any day now so I completely understand. Feel free to text any time you need.”.

The messages were shared on online conversation forum Reddit, where they rapidly went viral.

” I was dreading the day [my sibling’s] number got reassigned,” the female, who is thought to be from the US, composed however stated the exchange had now made her “love people a lot more”.

Composing later in the comments, she revealed her older bro by two years had died on 4 March as a result of heroin use.

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