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Male Who Declared To Be Kamala Harris’ Lover Now Says It Was All Phony


A man who claimed earlier today that he had been spent for sex by presidential prospect Kamala Harris now states he was worked with for an acting function.

Oh, and he claims now that he believed Harris was an imaginary individual, according to a special interview with the Daily Beast.

On Wednesday, 26-year-old personal trainer Sean Newaldass took part in a news conference arranged by Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, 2 reactionary conspiracy theorists who are currently understood for pressing deceitful claims.

Newaldass checked out from a reality sheet about his supposed relationship with the California senator, which can be seen here, and claimed he and Harris had a total of 11 “sexual encounters” in hotels in Iowa; Washington, D.C.; and New York City, according to the Daily Dot.

Take a look at this video of the news conference– which is humorous in its ineptness.

On Friday, Newaldass informed a much different story than the one he told on Wednesday.

He stated Wohl and Burkman employed him after he answered a CraigsList advertisement seeking a “male star” for “performance art in DC.”

Newaldass said he believed the press conference was actually an audition for a Spike TV show that no longer exists.

In fact, he had no idea Harris was a political leader, much less a potential governmental candidate.

” I believed I was acting for a role in a movie, like a function in a TV series,” Newaldass told the Daily Monster. “I thought whatever was staged, I’m thinking everybody is a star.”

Even more essential: “I’m totally oblivious to who [Harris] is,” Newaldass told the Daily Monster.

Later in the interview, Newaldass admitted he’s looked into Harris because the news conference and now says he prepares to elect her.

Nevertheless, Newaldass said he regrets his part in the tried smear since, like Harris, he is of blended Indian and Caribbean origins.

“That’s what’s painful, due to the fact that I’m hurting my own ethnic culture,” Newaldass said.

Newaldass said he was supposed to receive $500 for his services but hasn’t yet.

When the Daily Monster connected to Wohl for his response, he responded cryptically with a laughing weeping face emoji.

HuffPost connected to Wohl, but he didn’t immediately respond.

The smear versus Harris was the latest to backfire for Wohl and Burkman.

Previously this month, the two dirty tricksters attempted to smear Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as a “cougar” by holding a news conference with a previous Marine in his mid-20s who declared he had actually a paid sexual affair with Warren, 70, that included bondage.

Warren got the last laugh with an amusing response that embraced her “cougar” past, telling the world it made her who she is.

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