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Authorities Find Stolen U-Haul Van Filled With Bags Of Identifying Info; 3 Arrested


Cops in Vacaville arrested three suspects Tuesday morning on multiple charges including vehicle theft and identity theft.

The cops department stated they got a report of people checking out cars at a hotel on Lawrence Drive. When officers reached the hotel, they found a U-Haul van that was reported taken the day previously.

As they were investigating, officers saw Sacramento homeowners Doug Brown, 30, and Samantha Krauss, 21, seeing the officers from a window. The officers confronted Brown and Krauss as they attempted to leave the building. Brown supposedly discarded methamphetamine in front of an officer while holding a U-Haul key.

Officers discovered 29-year-old Anthony Solis was also with the pair.

Through a search of the U-Haul, officers discovered multiple bags of determining info. Officers have currently identified 100 victims from across California and Oregon.

The three suspects were arrested for vehicle theft, identity theft, conspiracy and offenses of their probation.

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