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Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders 2020 Democratic debate winners


So I viewed the Democrats’ debate tonight, all three hours of it, which most likely makes me a loser. But here are some winners and losers, as I saw them.


Joe Biden: He’s old, however he looked energetic and spoke clearly. He made a couple of errors– who’s “clipping vouchers” in “the stock exchange?” But in general, he was strong and appeared educated. In particular, he nailed Sen. Elizabeth Warren on how her health care strategy would increase taxes on the middle class. And he was surprisingly practical in dismissing “court-packing” schemes. His last remarks were a bit over the top, but after three hours I ‘d probably have actually been raving, too.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: He made mincemeat of Beto O’Rourke, who dodged a concern from Anderson Cooper on how he would enforce a ban on assault weapons. Beto was left looking flustered and trying to claim that Mayor Pete was insensitive to victims of violence, which was a bad try to find him.

Bernie Sanders: A guy who can have a cardiac arrest and return a couple of weeks later on, yelling louder than anybody else for 3 hours, is winning. He was asked about his health, and he responded to loudly, and then charmingly thanked his post-attack well-wishers. And he scored on Biden with his remarks about bipartisan assistance for the Iraq war.


Beto O’Rourke: Numerous fellow candidates slammed him for his “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s” remarks. In between that and the drubbing that Mayor Pete administered, he had a very bad night.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Overall, her manner was significantly stiffer and less comfortable than the other prospects, and Beto O’Rourke, in spite of having a bad night, landed an informing shot when he accused her of “being punitive,” and pitting one part of America versus another. It was a reasonable charge, and it injured; she looked flustered as she limply stated she didn’t believe she was punitive. Also, as several of her associates pointed out, she consistently evaded questions about whether she would increase taxes on the middle class. She likewise evaded Kamala Harris’s question about Trump and Twitter. And her delivery reminds me more and more of Hillary, which seems unpromising.

Julian Castro: Several times I forgot he was even on the stage for 30 minutes or more.

Tom Steyer: Everybody on the stage was hating on billionaires, and he was the only billionaire on stage. Plus, when he stated the typical American hasn’t had a raise in 40 years, he was absolutely wrong.

Vladimir Putin: I don’t believe this lots of Democrats have actually stood on a phase and assured to stand against Russian infiltration in my life time. Seriously, it’s a substantial pivot from when Barack Obama mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for calling Russia our biggest geopolitical opponent.

Drew Simms
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