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ESPN’s Max Kellerman Rips LeBron James For His Remarks


Last night, LeBron James opened up about the NBA’s existing status with China. In the process of safeguarding the league, the veteran forward triggered mass outrage all over the world.

James disagreed with Daryl Morey’s position on China, stating “I believe he wasn’t informed on the scenario at hand.”.

It’s a fascinating stance from James, who has been really outspoken about comparable subjects in the past. As you ‘d anticipate, the Lakers super star is receiving lots of criticism for his remarks.

Max Kellerman blasted James on ESPN’s First Take siding with China.

Here’s what Kellerman needed to state about James:.

” When you take a look at Nike and his movie deals, you can argue that LeBron has $1 billion worth of service in China and he does not wish to endanger that cash. However you know what that’s called: it’s called selling out. It’s extremely simple to take a stand when there’s no cost.”.

The complete section from ESPN’s First Take can be seen here.

Kellerman made it really clear that he understands why James isn’t willing to speak out on the problems in China. Nevertheless, the popular ESPN host didn’t neglect that it breaks whatever the four-time MVP means.

This isn’t the last time we’ll find out about LeBron James and the NBA’s relationship with China.

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