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One Month Old Boy Suffers a Black Eye from Craze Teen Mom


One-month-old baby BOY is entrusted to a shiner and dreadful injuries after his Ukrainian mother, 19, ‘beat him prior to leaving him alone to go on a date’

A newborn young boy was allegedly beaten by his teenage mom, who then left him alone while she went on a date.

One-month-old Mykyta was discovered beaten black and blue on the verge of death in the city of Rivne in the western region of Ukraine.

Witnesses say among the neighbours who found the boy passed out after seeing his dreadful condition.

According to reports, Mykyta and his 19-year-old mom lived together in a social hostel.

On October 15 the mother, who has not been called, left her baby alone and went on a date, according to reports.

She was away for the whole day and her neighbours, who knew that Mykyta was alone in his space, started stressing and decided to check on him.

Tetiana Prymak, a female living next door said to regional media: ‘When we went into the space we saw Mykyta in his baby crib.

‘ His best eye was black. His nose was blocked with dried blood and he was barely breathing.

‘ We started changing his clothes and saw black contusions all over his body. One lady who was in the room fainted after seeing all this.’

The neighbours called an ambulance and the cops. Mykyta was hurried to intensive care where he remains in a crucial condition and doctors are still battling for his life.

Medics presume the kid has skull fractures however they can not examine him because of his grave condition.

Mykhailo Kulik, the head of the intensive care unit of Rivne Regional Kid’s Hospital said: ‘The kid remains in a major dangerous condition. We presume that his skull is fractured but we can not analyze it now.

‘ I have actually never seen a child in such a dreadful neglected state. I think his mother has never ever altered his clothes nor used diapers. His skin remains in terrible condition.’

The mother got back this morning and was required to a police department for an interrogation.

Police spokesman Anton Kruk stated: ‘The mother said that she was stressed because of the child’s consistent crying. She left the baby house alone and went on a date.’

Police launched a criminal case for battery and failure to fulfil adult tasks versus the mother.

Social service psychologist, Yulia Tkachenko, could not assist crying after seeing the kid and having a discussion with his mother, Ukrainian media reported.

She stated: ‘There is no any doubts that the baby was completely beaten up. The mother said that” she did not touch Mykyta which his injuries were caused by cold draft”.’.

Mykyta’s father, a guy of 27 years, is not thinking about the fate of the boy, local media report.

Igor Novosad, the head of the social hostel who understands the family said: ‘The mother has an older boy.

‘ She gave him birth at 16 and he is 3 years old now. The child was taken from her to a rehab center because of domestic abuse.’.

Reports from local media recommended that both children are fathered by various guys.

Social services are stated to be gathering documents in order to sue the mother.

Andriy Mishchenia, the head of Rivne Child Defense Service said: ‘The mother is going to be deprived of adult rights. The child kid will be taken away from her and placed into an orphanage.’.

The mother confronts five years in prison if found guilty, police said.

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