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Here’s why Denver Broncos Can’t Wait On Drew Lock in Order to bench QB Joe Flacco


Generally, I ‘d sit down and show you my five crucial takeaways from a Denver Broncos game– win or lose.

However on the heels of arguably the most awkward loss of the John Elway front-office period (that’s saying something), only one insight is truly worth talking about.

Joe Flacco needs to go.

The Kansas City Chiefs rolled into Mile High and with Patrick Mahomes going down with a knee injury in the second quarter with a 10-6 lead, Matt Moore was able to go into the game and entirely out-duel Flacco.

The final rating? 30-6 Chiefs.

To state that Flacco was impotent is to substantially under-sell how bad he was. Having ice in one’s veins is fine and dandy but when one’s body temperature is lower than that of a cadaver, just how much is that ‘cool, calm collectiveness’ really helping anyone?

It’s not. And in fact, it’s a detriment.

Flacco went 21-of-34 for 213 yards. No touchdowns. No interceptions.

On the surface, not dreadful numbers, particularly for a quarterback who palpably quit on his group midway through the third quarter. There was no fire. There wasn’t even a tip of self-pride originating from Flacco’s disposition.

This loss was a categorical embarrassment for this once-proud NFL franchise. GM John Elway has to be consuming his heart out right now in both embarassment and disappointment.

The concern is, was this humiliation on the national stage, in which the Broncos’ 6 points were literally the lowest output the group has ever produced in its 71 primetime home games, enough to spark a mighty change of mind?

If it does not stimulate a change, every executive in Dove Valley threats this fanbase getting the pitchforks out and calling for heads (and tasks) to roll.

Joe Flacco’s performance was more than simply egg on the face of the organization. It was an indictment on John Elway.

This group would be a good idea to get out in front of what is becoming a growing mutiny in the fanbase and telegraph its objectives to not only trigger Drew Lock off of hurt reserve however bench Joe Flacco in the meantime.

I get that the Broncos’ offensive line did Flacco no favors. Flacco was sacked nine times after all, but I put a minimum of half of the blame for those sacks on the QB’s shoulders. And you need to too.

From missing out on blitzers pre-snap, to stopping working to expect the rush– even in the face of Garett Bolles and Elijah Wilkinson making it clear out of evictions that the edges would be a turnstile on Thursday night– to keeping the ball method too long and in general just looking disinterested and pedantic, Flacco’s play did nothing to offset the Broncos’ slumping O-line.

The Broncos can’t trick themselves into the line of thinking that ‘Hey, this was just a bad night. We just won 2 games in a row’. Down that course lies just more destroy and more heartbreak and more humiliation.

Joe Flacco’s got to go. Right now. Don’t wait till Lock can return to the roster in Week 9. Rip that band-aid off now and play Brandon Allen next week in Indianapolis.

By virtue of this short week, the Broncos will get a mini-bye of sorts. This team doesn’t have to suit up against the Colts up until 10 days from now.

That’s a lot of time to get Allen up to speed and at least see what the team has in him prior to putting Drew Lock in the lineup in Week 9 and never looking back. This season is no longer about attempting to complete in the present.

Now this is a ‘see what we’ve got in the young guys on the lineup’ season. The quicker Elway and business embrace that reality, the much better.

Get Flacco off the field as quickly as humanly possible.

Drew Simms
Drew has been a retail jockey, founded a professional photography business and a news blog covering the Apple ecosystem. He has served as News Editor and Managing Editor at The Next Web and is now Editor-In-Chief at Drew Reports News. He has made a name for himself in the tech media world as a writer and editor, relentlessly covering Apple and Twitter, in addition to a broad range of startups in the fields of robotics, computer vision, AI, fashion, VR, AR and more. Owns shares in ETFs. Contact Drew at drew@drewreportsnews.com

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