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Google Maps for iOS will now let users report accidents and traffic downturns


Google Maps will soon bring a new function to its iOS app which will let users report mishaps and traffic downturns from their device. This feature was contributed to the Android Google Maps app in 2015, and is only now making its way to iPhone and iPad.

To report an incident, tap the brand-new plus button that appears throughout navigation, to report an occurrence. The occurrences can be reported in any of the following categories for now:




Building and construction

Lane closures

Handicapped vehicles

Items on the road (debris etc).

The last 4 reports types are new additions to the reporting classifications, and have actually likewise been added to the Android app.

If you are a Waze user, this function will not seem like a big deal. Waze has been known for its performance to permit reporting of all sorts of incidents, from the app. Google owns Waze as well so it is interesting to see how the feature overlap keeps increasing in both apps. At the rate that Google is adding comparable functions to both of their mapping apps, both of them will end up being clones of each other with various styles.

Google Maps for iOS is still the chosen app for a lot of users worldwide thanks to its breadth of up to date information. While some might argue that Apple Maps may look much better, and works well in United States, it performs poorly when it concerns accurate place information, place details, and navigation.

Apple Maps is still struggling to fix their data. They had started a huge overhaul in 2015 in the United States, to improve their processes of recording place data and how it exists in their apps. Meanwhile, Google has been adding functions like real-time bike sharing information, enhanced reality based directions, bus crowdedness forecasts and detection for when your taxi ride goes off route.

These brand-new updates are rolling out now for Android and iOS.

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