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Google describes why it doesn’t support 4K video recording at 60fps


Despite the Pixel 4’s wide variety of new electronic camera chops, you can still reproach it a few missing functions. It does not have a wide-angle video camera, it doesn’t have autofocus on the front web cam, and Google still limits 4K video capture to 30fps. The business has clarified the reasoning behind the latter.

In a response on Twitter, Google stated a lot of users stick with 1080p and it’s much better to optimize that than permit a 4K 60fps mode that consumes storage.

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Hi, Pixel 4 supports 4k video recording on the rear video camera at 30fps. We find that the majority of users stick with 1080p, so we focus our energy on enhancing our quality in this mode, versus enabling a 4k 60fps mode that could consume to half a gigabyte of storage every minute.

Personally, I stick to 1080p, no matter what my phone offers, mostly for that same factor. A couple of seconds of video currently use up numerous Megabytes of storage, and I don’t have the high-end of a quick or unrestricted connection (even in your home) to publish files exponentially larger than that. Keeping them on the phone and backing them approximately a drive every couple of days to empty storage isn’t useful either. 1080p is just great for me.

However we’re not all the same and I can comprehend users’ disappointment. The restricted storage concern is Google own doing. It needs to’ve repaired it by offering 128GB as the minimum alternative for the Pixel 4. If it was fretted about Photos cloud area more than local one, these videos will be compressed under the complimentary Excellent quality tier, or will be spent for by users who pick to submit them at complete resolution.

We believe the unspoken factor is that tape-recording 4K at 60fps needs resources on the phone. Even at 1080p, our own Artem saw choppy behavior in the video camera app on his Pixel 3, so envision what would take place at 4K 60fps. It’s doubtful the dive from 4GB to 6GB of RAM would mitigate that, and the experience would not be smooth for many.

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