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Sydney guy pulls knife out of stomach, fatally stabs enemy


A man pulled a blade out of his stomach after being stabbed– then fatally knifed the man who assaulted him in a fight outside of an Australian bar, a report said Tuesday.

The man, 30-year-old Christian Hargrave-McKey, had left the pub to buy food with his buddies when he was faced by 60-year-old Mark Thomas, the Sydney Early morning Herald reported, mentioning court documents made public just recently.

As the group began to brawl, Thomas pulled a knife and Hargrave-McKey attempted him to use it, stating, “go on, f– king stab me,” according to the report.

Hargrave-McKey then pulled the knife out of his stomach and used it on Thomas– stabbing him 11 times in the back and chest, the report stated.

Thomas passed away at the scene a short time later.

Hargrave-McKey made a court appearance Tuesday and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, the Herald reported. A murder charge versus him was dropped.

He’s been behind bars given that he was discharged from a healthcare facility in January, according to the report.

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