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A worried person hired a dubious bundle at a NY train terminal. It turned out to be a new system to assist employ suspicious bundles


A worried resident in New york city made a call to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority after seeing numerous ignored bundles at the Metro-North New Rochelle Terminal.

Only these bundles were not a danger. Rather the contrary.

The MTA authorities canine system and the Westchester Region bomb squad reacted to the call to examine the four packages only to discover that the components of the boxes were safe.

The packages had replacement parts or tools for an Assistance Point system, a freshly presented system installed by the MTA to assist educate passengers employ questionable bundles or connect on other issues, according to MTA spokeswoman Meredith Daniels.

The boxes of devices had actually been dropped off Tuesday in the wrong place with imperfect labeling, causing problem.

The issue was promptly investigated and solved by responding devices. There was no disturbance to train service along the New Rochelle line.

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