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The Walking Dead Fans Are Getting Choked Up Over Siddiq


The Walking Dead fans are grieving Siddiq (Avi Nash) following an episode-ending shocker: 10×07, “Open Your Eyes,” disclosed assistant doctor Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) is a Whisperer that was present the evening Alpha (Samantha Morton) killed numerous targets, consisting of DJ (Matt Mangum), Siddiq’s apprentice Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and pal Tara (Alanna Masterson). After Siddiq understood Dante was contributing to the mysterious illness spreading out throughout Alexandria by damaging the neighborhood’s water filtration system– revealing the Alexandrians to water polluted by Gamma (Thora Birch)– he was assaulted as well as suffocated to fatality by Dante to preserve his key.

Contributing to the tragedy of Siddiq’s fatality, Nash previously told the AMC Blog site Siddiq was starting to view Dante as his best friend.

” This would certainly be impressive for him due to the fact that he would certainly have a compatriot, a bro in arms and a friend in Dante. Siddiq really hopes that he can surpass all his PTSD to give Dante the opportunity that he should have,” Nash stated after Siddiq confided in Dante in 10×03, “Ghosts.”.

As Siddiq admitted to Rosita (Christian Serratos) in “Open Your Eyes,” he was also afflicted by the memory of protégé Enid.

” He can not fairly allow Dante in yet due to the fact that he’s not prepared to … let someone else help him lug the concern,” Nash clarified. “I think he’s likewise a little bit scheduled since he does bear in mind Enid as well as promoting that relationship of two individuals in the trenches with each other, as well as look what took place. He doesn’t intend to obtain as well close to anyone right now.”.

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Sandy Hines.
Sadiq was a wonderful character, always there to help. Thanks @iamAvi_Nash #TheWalkingDead.
The Strolling Dead World.
Carl would certainly be so proud of all that Siddiq provided for Alexandria. #TheWalkingDead.

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if we don’t see michonne’s reaction to siddiq’s death, im truly gon na be fucking pressed.
nicole rhee.
carl when he sees siddiq walk through paradise’s gates.

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Me trying to manage not seeing Siddiq on TWD any longer #TheWalkingDead #TalkingDead.
am|hope mikaelson love machine |
siddiq … NO! DANTE, YOU SON OF A … #TWD.

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When you made sure Siddiq betrayed Alexandria and also turns out Dante was the traitor #TheWalkingDead.
Ciera Nicole.
You give Siddiq rather of a lead this period just to eliminate him off Seriously? @TheWalkingDead I do decline his death, wake him up!

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Qween LaTweetYa.
I do decline this finishing #TheWalkingDead.
I’m so dismayed! Siddiq did not be worthy of to die like that. There are a lot of various other non reusable personalities, this just isn’t right R.I.P Siddiq #TWD.

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I loved Siddiq as soon as we initially saw him get time in season 8. Shedding him nevertheless this moment with him on the program is mosting likely to be pretty hard to cope with honestly … he was such a good character:-LRB- SPLIT.
Carlos Rodríguez L.
#thewalkingdead #TWD bye bye siddiq.

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The Strolling Dead World.
MASSIVE round of praise for Avi Nash (@iamAvi_Nash) for his representation of Siddiq from S8E1 to S10E7 of #TheWalkingDead!

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