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Chick-fil-A Issued New Standards For In-store Dining


Refills will be suspended and dine-in food will be served in to-go bags.

As a growing number of dining establishments reopen their dining rooms across the United States, consumers are getting a look into what they can expect when they return for the first time. The latest to share their guidelines is Chick-fil-A.

The chain shared these guidelines in an article on Friday. They described these changes as belonging to standards called “Safe Service” which the post described as an “unwavering dedication to safety and the highest operating standards to safeguard the health and well-being of our Guests and Team Members.”

Each dining establishment place will follow their private regional standards and these can likewise alter based on if the location is freestanding or situated in a structure like a shopping mall food court, however there will be requirements throughout the company as these dining rooms reopen.

Like many others, Chick-fil-A will require staff member to have a temperature check and health evaluation at the start of each shift. They’ll likewise be required to wear facial coverings and to clean uniforms and re-wearable masks before their next shift. Staff members will likewise be needed to clean their hands a minimum of every 30 minutes and after touching money.

Dining establishments will include social distancing reminders and staff members may be present at the entrance of restaurants to take orders or to motivate adequate spacing in between customers. Mobile payment is encouraged, but if you’re paying with a charge card, you will be asked to swipe your own card. All drive-thru, shipment, or curbside pick up will be delivered by contactless methods.

Dining-room will only be opened when specific operators feel comfy doing so, and might close once again as required. Even dine-in meals will be served in to-go bags. Dressings and drinks will not be open for everybody to access and beverage refills will temporarily be suspended. Many tables will likewise be closed to preserve social distance and outdoor seating will be offered where readily available.

This is simply a bit of Chick-fil-A’s 20-page reopening guide. You can also consult your regional Chick-fil-A if you have any specific concerns.

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