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Chick-Fil-A’s CEO Calls On Rich People To Use Influence To End Systemic Inequality


Chick-fil-A’s CEO and chairman Dan T. Cathy joins numerous other brands and individuals all over the world in resolving the racial oppressions in America. In a post on LinkedIn, he called on the wealthy to use their power and influence to end systemic bigotry.

The post– entitled “Use Your Power and Impact”– starts out with how Cathy has heard the expressions “I am tired” and “use your benefit” a lot recently. To the latter, he composed, “To whom much is offered, much is needed.”

Before he continued, he kept in mind that “somebody like me can not totally appreciate and comprehend the gross injustices that are all around us.” He wrote that talking about systemic inequality will draw criticism, however it’s not OKAY for him “to remain quiet about the problems that now so openly confront our country.”

Cathy’s primary objective was to get in touch with the privileged to end racial inequality. He composed:

There are numerous academics and analysts who have blogged about how our democratic capitalism benefits just a few hundred extremely wealthy families, people and corporations, so that the American dream is now scheduled practically solely for them and their descendants. Due to the fact that I am among that market, I am calling on them– us– to utilize our power and influence.
He continues with examples of how Chick-fil-A has actually worked to better “the most distressed postal code in Georgia” with financial investments in the location and an area there “led by owner-operator Quincy Springs, a black Army veteran.”

To end the post, he gives actions the rich can take to do better, consisting of mentor kids about “management, love, and justice” and being “responsible capitalists.” He does not point out if he or the company are donating to any social justice organizations.

Provided the business’s history of donating to discriminatory organizations, the declaration has sparked controversy. The business shared Cathy’s declaration and more on Twitter, where people reacted.

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