Home Business 7-Eleven Hawaii Strikes a Deal with Vroom for Home Delivery for Customers

7-Eleven Hawaii Strikes a Deal with Vroom for Home Delivery for Customers


Vroom Delivery has partnered with 7-Eleven Hawaii to offer e-commerce and home delivery to its customers.

Locals of and visitors to the islands will now be able order many 7-Eleven items online, including regional favorites such as Spam Musubi and pork hash, in addition to grocery staples, treats, beer and more.

7-Eleven Hawaii Merchandising Manager, Masayuki Imada stated,  “We are excited to be working with Vroom Delivery to offer this service, especially given the current circumstances. Home delivery is a great way for our customers to safely access our products and order from the comfort of their homes.” Delivery options will initially be available in select areas of Honolulu, with plans to roll out the program across the islands.

John Nelson, CEO of Vroom Delivery stated, “We are very excited to work with 7-Eleven Hawaii to bring this level of service and convenience to Hawaii. With the meaning of convenience rapidly shifting to e-commerce and home delivery, innovative c-store chains like 7-Eleven Hawaii who are able to offer these services to their customers will have a huge advantage over those chains who do not.”

In addition to 7-Eleven Hawaii, Vroom Delivery has actually likewise partnered with over 20 additional chains to bring e-commerce and on-demand home delivery to their consumers. Cumulatively, these chains represent over 800 stores operating in over 20 states.


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