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Harmful Levels of Arsenic in the Bottled Water at Whole Foods


Consumer News advised that bottled water made by Whole Foods consists of “potentially hazardous levels of arsenic,” totaling up to 3 times the degree of the chemical contrasted to various other brands.

The consumer watchdog team stated on Wednesday that Starkey Sparkling Water had “worrying degrees of arsenic”, varying from 9.49 to 9.56 parts per billion. Federal laws limit the quantity of arsenic to 10 parts per billion, although Consumer News has actually been pushing it to be reduced to 3 parts per billion for safety and health reasons.

Although consuming a solitary container of the internal brand name is safe, routine consumption of “even percentages of the heavy metal over extended duration boosts the danger of heart diseases, specific cancers cells, as well as lower INTELLIGENCE scores in kids,” said Customer Reports.

The Response of Whole Foods

In a response, Whole Foods said that Starkey water fulfills “all FDA requirements and also are fully certified with FDA criteria for heavy metals.”

“Beyond the needed annual screening by an FDA licensed laboratory, we have actually an accredited third-party lab testing every manufacturing run of water before it is offered,” a Whole Foods speaker stated in a declaration to CNN Company.

Consumer Reports also tested 45 other bottled water brands as well as discovering they had “undetectable quantities of arsenic, showing that lower degrees are possible”.

It’s the 2nd time Starkey Spring Water has come under objection from Consumer Reports within the past two years. The team found similar levels of arsenic in the items in 2014 and also claimed it was the only brand name it examined that exceeded 3 parts per billion level of arsenic.

The water, which is additionally sold on Amazon.com, has been the target of a class-action claim in 2019 over its health labeling.

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