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Mackenzie Davis Wonders If she is funny enough for comedic roles


Hollywood star Mackenzie Davis has revealed she ‘d like to appear in more comedy movies.

Mackenzie Davis wants to star in more funny motion pictures – but she’s not exactly sure if she’s matched to the category.

The 33-year-old starlet stars together with Steve Carell and Chris Cooper in Jon Stewart’s brand-new political-comedy film ‘Irresistible’, yet she stays unpredictable about her comical talents.

Mackenzie said: ”I’m not sure how good I am at it, to be honest.”

The Hollywood star formerly played the increased super-soldier Grace in ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’.

And she’s confessed to being completely out of her element dealing with the sci-fi movie, which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Speaking to The Independent, she recalled: ”It couldn’t have been less my lane.

”I grew up very tall and gangly and have never been known for my grace and athleticism. So I felt like a square peg in a round hole. But I loved it by the end.”

The motion picture tanked at box office, but Mackenzie still enjoyed the experience of becoming part of the renowned franchise.

She said: ”We knew that we were the sixth entry in a franchise that everybody seemed to have become quite tired of.

”Using a David and Goliath analogy with ‘Terminator’ feels extremely off because it was, you know, a multibillion-dollar movie, but for all of the pyrotechnics and the catchphrases and everything, we really put our hearts and souls into it.

”We were all together doing press in Japan when the numbers started coming in, but it also didn’t feel dark – we were still having such a nice time!

”Of course, we wanted it to do better, but I also got it. Like, six movies is a lot! For me as a moviegoer, I’d be like, ‘That’s so many movies!’ I loved making it, but I also understand why people didn’t dig it.”

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