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New Nintendo Switch Controller is Turning Heads with Stellar Features


PowerA’s Nano Improved is a compact Switch controller with professional functions

Peripherals maker PowerA does a good job of making third-party gamepads– the MOGA Pro has  been a big hit with Android players, for instance. Now, the business is releasing a brand-new controller for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nano Boosted Wireless controller– which looks much like Nintendo’s own Pro controller– is a more compact variation of your normal gamepad fare, designed to be as portable as the Switch itself.

It’s a smaller sized variation of ProA’s existing Boosted Wireless gamepad, but it still boasts full-sized functions.

There’s a USB-C rechargeable battery, Bluetooth wireless connectivity for playing in docked or undocked mode, versatile button mapping, and decent motion controls. Certainly the Switch has been created as an all-in-one video gaming device, but for gamers looking for a little bit of variety– or those that want to take on others with greater control and modification– the Nano is a strong, reasonably-priced option.

It goes on sale in August for $50, although you can pre-order now at PowerA.com and Amazon.

Brent Stephens
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