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Steam Accessory “WalkinVR Driver” will Enhanced Disabled Players Gaming Experience


Steam add-on makes VR video games more available

WalkinVR Motorist adjusts VR controls to make video games simpler to play.

As good as VR gaming can be, much of it depends on full mobility– which risks leaving people with handicaps who ‘d love to play. That might not be an issue in the future for a minimum of some games.

2MW has released WalkinVR Driver, a free Windows app that makes SteamVR video games and apps more accessible. It can perform virtual movements (such as standing) and change the controller position to compensate for limited movement, and you can even get aid with movement and buttons from another individual wielding an Xbox controller.

The team is also promising an update within 2 to 3 weeks that will include hand tracking utilizing Microsoft’s since-discontinued Kinect sensor. This might assist people with restricted or irregular movement playing games when they can’t hold a controller, according to the creators. And when integrated hand tracking is still relatively rare in VR, this might assist spread the innovation’s reach.

WalkinVR Driver works with any headset that supports SteamVR. While that does limit the compatible software application, it still opens numerous video games and innovative apps to an area of the population that would otherwise have to be content to watch and not partake. The software application might also motivate designers to be more accommodating with VR, for that matter– you might see more games with availability built-in for consumers.

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