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Renowned comedian Carl Reiner dies


Veteran comedian Carl Reiner passed away at the age of 98. His son Rob Reiner confirmed this on twitter. Condolence pour in.

Carl Reiner’s career spanned over nearly seventy years. Apart from being a comedian, he took up many roles- writer, director, producer, character artist and author. Reiner’s collaborations with his contemporaries Mel Brooks,  Sid Caesar and several others were very successful in the 1950s and 1960s. The television comedy play ‘The 2000 Year Old Man’ with Brooks is a classic delight. He was also the creator of the sitcom ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ which is considered as one the evergreen pieces of all time. He was also repsonsible pushing the career of Steve Martin. The duo has done four films together including ‘The Jerk’. What makes him unique is that, he had contributed greatly to both on screen and off screen of the shows. It takes perseverance to do multiple things at once.

He had won several accolades including Emmys, Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, etc. Carl is known as very honest man.


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