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Stadia Controller Functions wirelessly with Android phones after latest modification


Time to say goodbye to that clunky cable television.

The Stadia Controller is slowly but undoubtedly ending up being more useful, with a few of the features players might have expected at launch at last making their way to the peripheral. Fundamental Google Assistant capabilities had been offered in early access since December, but Google is lastly rolling them out to everybody. Possibly more significantly, as of today, players can utilize the controller wirelessly with Android gadgets.

You’ll need the latest variation of the Stadia game-streaming app to match the controller. When you’ve linked your phone and the peripheral to the exact same WiFi network, the app will walk you through the procedure.

It’s a welcome update, but it’s a function that actually needs to have been a part of Stadia from the jump. Before today, the only way players were able to utilize the controller with an Android phone was via a troublesome cable. Not just will the wireless connection negate the need for the cable television, it’ll free up your phone’s port for other useful gear, such as a headset or battery charger.

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