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Lizzo is Tackling a New Vegan Diet for 2020


Lizzo is embracing a vegan diet in lockdown.

Lizzo is embracing a vegan diet in lockdown.

The ‘Good As Hell’ hitmaker went to Tik Tok to expose she is” enjoying checking out flavours” from plant-based items as she swaps meat for vegetables.

She said: ”As a new vegan I’m enjoying exploring flavours from plants and plant based proteins! Every journey is personal and deserves to be celebrated.”

Lizzo likewise shared her new vegan regimen, which includes a dark green breakfast healthy smoothie. It is made up of coconut water, kale, spinach and frozen fruit, which she then follows with a salad of kale, red cabbage, broccoli, avocado and carrots.

Garlic hummus is her go to treat, as well as paleo puffs, which she states are a great alternative to Cheetos, which was offering her acid reflux.

Of the vegan alternative, she stated:”These are a Cheeto-alternative I love that’s vegan and I dip them in hummus. Badda-boom badda-snack.’

She also opts for vegan diet plan cola, which she quipped offers her some much”needed sparkles in her throat”. She ends up the day with a peanut butter and jelly healthy smoothie, comprised of oats, oat milk, vanilla protein powder and” love from Jesus.”.

Meanwhile, Lizzo previously insisted she has ”come to terms” with her body dysmorphia and is ”growing” to love her body more and more each day and likens her own path to the level of positive movement.

She said: ”I’ve come to terms with body dysmorphia and evolved. The body positive movement is doing the same thing. We’re growing together, and it’s growing pains, but I’m just glad that I’m attached to something so organic and alive.”

And the 32-year-old singer insists that her plus size shape is not a ”trend”.

She added: ”I’m so much more than that. Because I actually present that, I have a whole career. It’s not a trend.”

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