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Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Garbage Waste is What Technology Companies are Looking Forward to


Hills in East Los Angeles is filled with 130 million tons of trash that are now towering over the monumental city. The Puente Hills Landfill has declined to take any waste in nearly a decade. The landfill is also the largest America currently has along with being a significant producer of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, 30,000 cubic feet of garbage are released in Puente Hills that contains carbon dioxide and methane. Moreover, if companies can convert the garbage into hydrogen fuel, nothing more be like it. 

Startups in the garbage conversion industry

Clean energy technology is evolving every day in Asia with the use of modern technology. Ways2H is a startup based in Puente Hills that plans to convert such garbage into hydrogen fuel. Jean-Louis Kindler has further plans to accumulate the whole world’s trash and use it as a raw feedstock to produce hydrogen. 

The startup culture in waste conversion is starting to build up the pace in the States with the use of cheap and efficient ways. Sierra Energy is another startup that promises to eliminate the use of landfills. The startup’s FastOx gasification model eliminates trash and converts it into clean fuel. Hydrogen fuel and natural gas play a crucial role in the reduction of emission of harmful gases. Nuclear and coal are now defunct in creating energy as compared to the natural process of garbage conversion. 

Plans are in place to conserve natural and clean fuel. Companies are adopting policies to store and use fuel at a later date. A source claims that hydrogen networks are viable technologies that companies should go after shortly. In late March, hydrogen costs were $14/kilogram will drastically drop to $5 with renewable energy. Additionally, top vehicle manufacturers have pledged the making of hydrogen-based cars such as Honda-Nexo, Mazda-RX8RE, and Hyundai-Tucson. 

Future of Hydrogen revolution 

Furthermore, a lack of fuelling facilities is the sole reason for not matching to the current demand. A whopping $1.5 billion will be needed to meet capital expenditures in the future. Moreover, the revolution is not hype as some industry experts believe that it is only a distant dream. The UK is a prime example of how to efficiently convert the garbage into clean fuel. 

Hydrogen fuel to propel US economy

Consequently, countries like the US and Spain could take a cue from the leader for smoother development in the sector. Kindler expects that the gasification facility will be complete by 2021 and be ready to serve customers. A company is also building a strong base in California to convert waste into hydrogen with a unique chemical process. The clean hydrogen fuel from waste will solve the wastage problem in the US. However, the country is mindful of not facing a garbage shortage just like in Sweden and Norway. Altogether sufficient investment in technology combined with a clear vision of the startups can pave the way to the hydrogen revolution.     

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