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Meteor Showers to Light up the Night Sky this August.


If you were ever a believer in shooting stars and you have something to wish for, now’s the right time. With the Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaking this Wednesday night and August’s more prolific Perseid meteor shower coming up, you can not only make your wish but also try your hand at night-sky-photography!

What Is the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower?

The Delta Aquarid is a meteor shower that happens between July 12th and August 23. It’s one of the longest-running meteors and has “shooting stars” that travel at a relatively slow pace–about 26 miles per second.

The meteor shower is expected to peak in the early hours of Wednesday, which means you can expect about 10-20 shooting stars per hour. A minor meteor shower, the Alpha Capricornids, is also going to peak on Wednesday through Thursday, which could add five “shooting stars” per hour to the mix.

Now to look at the photography aspect, because this is a very slow-paced meteor shower, you can start night-sky-photography. All you’ll need is a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. You’ll also need a relatively wide-angle lens to capture as much of the night sky as possible, and a sturdy tripod to keep your camera steady.

Other Upcoming Meteor Showers

The most famous meteor shower of this summer, the Perseids, can be expected anytime between August 11 into Wednesday, August 12, and Wednesday, August 12 into Thursday, August 13, though the few nights either side are almost as good.

Now before we conclude, here’s a tip: Spotting “shooting stars” demands patience, but photographing them is actually pretty easy. So hang in there with a cup of hot chocolate. The night is still young!


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