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Employees to Work from Home Until 2021 for Sony, Universal, and Warner Music


Sony, Universal, and Warner Music have asked their employees to stay at home, to work from home as much as they can until the end of 2020, regarding C**ID-19.

When Will the Offices Reopen?

The offices will be open for those who have to visit for work purposes. According to Rolling Stone and Variety, by internal memos acquired, these companies have asked the staff to work from home. The companies didn’t want to respond to Variety’s requests for a reply or a comment on the situation. 

This isn’t surprising as there is a huge spread of the c***na***us in the U.S. This has increased as businesses have reopened.

UMG, the company that works with artists like Taylor Swift and The Weeknd to the Rolling Stones, has informed the employees through an email: “At this point, it’s our best judgment that not have a widespread return to our U.S. offices at least through late January 2021, if not longer.”

Warner, which works with Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay, has informed employees on Wednesday in spite of the initial plans to start returning to offices in September, now said, “We’ve now reviewed the situation and decided to postpone these dates, at the earliest, until January for our US offices and October for our UK offices.”

Sony informed their employees, “We wanted to let you know that we don’t anticipate U.S. Sony Music Group offices moving beyond our own Phase One return in the U.S. before the end of the calendar year.”

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