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Here is Everything we know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dreaming Guide


Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ upgrade 1.4.0 brought with it numerous new functions, consisting of a major online part from Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS– Dream Suite!

You can now dream in New Horizons, which means you can visit carbon copies of other players’ islands along with upload your own for other people to check out. By doing this, you can explore other players’ islands while they’re offline– perhaps to get some embellishing motivation, for instance– and flaunt your own island without fear of people squashing your flowers or stealing items.

Listed below we inform you on whatever you need to learn about dreaming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consisting of the requirements, what you’re enabled to do in a dream, how to go to a dream island, and how to publish your own island.

How To Dream In Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Needs: internet connection with a Nintendo Online membership, 1x bed

In order to dream in New Horizons, you’ll require an internet connection and an active Nintendo Online membership. You’ll also need any type of bed in-game; you need to have received Luna’s bed in the mail after downloading the upgrade, but anything you can rest on will do. When you lie down, you’ll be offered a discussion timely; choose “Yeah, I want to sleep” to initiate dreaming.

The first time you do this, you’ll meet a tapir called Luna who serves as a guide to dreaming. Luna will stroll you through the essentials of dreaming prior to you can start searching or submit your own island.

How To Go To Dream Islands

Your first option when dreaming is to go to other players’ islands. In order to do so, you’ll require your destination’s dream address. Comparable to Switch friend codes or Brand-new Horizons creator codes, dream addresses are 12-digit codes preceded by “DA.” A buddy will need to offer you their dream address, or you’ll need to discover one by browsing websites like Reddit and Twitter.

To go into a dream address and go to another player’s island in a dream, follow these actions:

Lie on any bed and choose “Yeah, I want to sleep”
Select “I want to dream”
Go into the preferred dream address
When Luna has connected you to the internet and downloaded the dream island, you’ll appear on your bed in the dream island’s plaza so you can begin checking out.

What Can You Do On A Dream Island?

While on an island, you can fully explore, get in the villagers’ and players’ houses, check out the museum, and speak to villagers; nevertheless, you can not get in Resident Services, Able Sisters, or Nook’s Cranny. You likewise can not bring any items with you– Luna will “hold” the items in your pockets for you till you get up– and you won’t keep anything you find on the island.

You can also use the terminal outdoors Resident Services, which is the same kiosk you’ll generally find in Able Sisters, to download any of the gamer’s custom-made styles.

How To Leave A Dream Island

When you’re finished exploring a dream island, return to your bed outside Resident Services and lie down once again. Follow Luna’s triggers to “wake up” and return to your real island.

How To Report A Dream Island

If you encounter a dream island with improper content, you can push the minus button to report it while you’re still in the dream. Luna will then “wake” you.

How To Upload Your Island

In addition to checking out other players’ dream islands, you can likewise publish a dream variation of your own island for others to check out. To do this and create your own dream address:

Lie on any bed and select “Yeah, I want to sleep”
Select “I want to share a dream”
You can then share your dream address with other players.

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