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Nikita Dragun replies to accusations of ‘Ripping’ design from an Indie Brand


Nikita Dragun’s Dragun Beauty’s matte liquid lipsticks created quite a stir after claims that they were a rip off from Opalescent Beauty.

Nikita has responded the claims since then.

She took to Twitter to address the rip-off claims. She quoted the Opalescent tweeted and responded: “I’m going to have to disagree with u. the overall vibe is completely different. never heard of ur brand before today. being a CEO of an indie brand myself i understand there r many products in the industry that look the same due to stock packaging. wish u the best in ur business.”

The claims arose when Nikita launched her DragunGlass matte liquid lipsticks. These lipstick’s packaging is in a unique geometric pattern.

Dragun Beauty’ DragunGlass

In a tweet, Opalescent addressed and explained their discontent as they were ripped off by a powerful influencer.

Opalescent Beauty’s designs

On their official twitter handle, Opalescent tweeted:

“The struggles of being an Indie Brand. It took us a year to get our hands on the perfect component. One that made us stand out and aligned with our vision. Although it’s possible @NikitaDragun has never seen our products, due to her platform, we’ll look like the imitation.”


Opalescent explained that they have tried their best to ensure they do not follow anyone’s footsteps. Or take anything from anyone.

But others claimed that the DragunGlass is almost the similar to KKW Fragrance’s crystal range.

Users have jumped to Opalescent Beauty’s defense. While they agree that Nikita did not intend to copy from Opalescent, but Nikita’s team should have done better research.

Others were less than pleased.

They disagree that Nikita’s brand is Indie. They added that OB sheds light that Indie companies often branded ‘Copycats’ after a powerful influencer adopts any design.

Opalescent does not have their design copyrighted. But they do not intend to pursue any legal options. They just do not wish to be seen as a copycat brand.

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