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Oppo Watch: All You Need to Know


Similar to a new Apple Watch, The Oppo Watch was unveiled alongside the company’s Find X2 series earlier in 2020. This new device is now coming to the UK.

Oppo aspects

Based on the images, it seems that the Oppo Watch can be similar to its phone features. Therefore, the people are expecting an intriguing design, clean software, and other cool features in it. The people are expecting a cool aspect of the specifications in the new version of the watch.

Watch Release

The Oppo Watch was first unveiled on March 6. The watch was hosted with the company’s Find X2 and Find X2 Pro at an event by the company. The event took place at Mobile World Congress which got canceled in 2020.

The watch is coming to the UK in 2020. However, it is not expected to come until October. Oppo has announced that the company has not planned to make the device available in the US at present. Also, the same situation is that for Australia.


The watch in the UK is available in the versions of 41mm and 46mm for now. And, thus, the expected price is around £229 for the same. For the larger version, the cost is set to be around £369.

Oppo Software

The Watch is set to come with Wear OS software which will give access to a lot of apps on the Google Play Store. A customized watch face feature will be there along with the  Google Pay integration.

The company has also included its own design over the top of Wear OS, to differ it from stock software manufacturers. However, any specific details are yet to be revealed.


The Watch will be compatible with both iPhone and Android.

The Oppo Watch owners with an iOS device will have less functionality than those on Android. Also, it will work with the iPhone.

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