First Nation in Canada nominates the lead actor of 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds and the “famous singer” Paul Mccartney for the next chief; the native community has spoken and the non-natives are up for the election.
The nominees have been nominated for the position of chief for Walpole Island First Nation, on the borders of Michigan & Canada, according to James Jenkins, who is the community director of operations.
It becomes pretty interesting. We are told that Ryan and Paul don’t technically have to be part of the native community and even have to rise to the top as the chief, but this takes us back to the loophole in 1868. It was when Walpole Island First Nation elected a non-member as a chief, forging a precedent allowing non-members to run for chief .

Basically, now if Ryan and Paul Mccartney did not withdraw their names before Thursday, and the deadline passes without a peep from either, their names will be there on the ballot and they will remain legit candidates for chief when the elections are held on Sept 19.
The mixed emotions about these nominations are their extremely successful entertainment careers.
The Chief holds the same position as a Mayor and is one of the most respected position in Walpole Island First Nation, which has about 5000 members.
Ryan’s a Canadian, so that gives him a leg up, but Paul’s a beatle.