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Why Ellen will have to do more than the staff firings to save her show


Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is still on the defense even after letting go 3 staff members who are at center of the controversy sounding her talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’.

Recently, Drew Reports News spoke with Evan Nierman the Founder and CEO of Red Banyan, a global PR and crisis communications firm on what Ellen can do to save her show and her image.

The one key thing Ellen still must do right now to save her show

“Ellen needs to speak directly to the American public since we are accustomed to seeing and hearing her. She needs to deliver an emotional message from the heart if she wants to truly get a handle on this crisis.”

– Why the staff firings are at a pivotal moment in handling this crisis, but not doing enough

“There is a lot of goodwill toward Ellen, but the public feels betrayed by what appears to be a disingenuous representation of her brand. A sincere, reflective and remorseful apology will put her on the right path and help her fans and others forgive and forget.”

– Early missteps by Ellen in responding to this controversy

“Ellen and her representatives were slow to react to allegations, ceding the narrative to detractors and when she finally did apologize, she did not fully accept responsibility for the goings-on behind the scenes at the show bearing her name. Instead, she delayed and then pointed fingers at others which has extended this story and ultimately makes it harder for her reputation to rebound.”

What is very likely to happen next and more

“This is probably not the end of Ellen or her show, but how quickly she earns back the trust and affection of the public will depend heavily upon what she does next. One strategy would be activating her loyal cadre of fans and supporters, as well as other major celebrities whose every social media post or statement can generate headlines in support of her.”

Brent Stephens
Brent is a content writer at Drew Reports News, where he covers technology and Entertainment. Previously, he was a foreign correspondent at Drew Reports News based in Seoul, South Korea as well as a venture capitalist with General Catalyst in Palo Alto and Charles River Ventures in Boston and New York. Brent can be reach at brent@drewreportsnews.com
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