Home Politics Betsy DeVos says the pandemic is "ultimately a good thing"

Betsy DeVos says the pandemic is “ultimately a good thing”


The U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was slammed across the internet and media platforms for saying that the pandemic is “ultimately a good thing” for the U.S. Education system.

The Secretary was reported saying, “I think this [the pandemic] is a good thing because I think it’s going to really force changes that should have happened many years ago, and most of that’s going to happen when families themselves are empowered to make those choices and those changes and those decisions.”

“I think the last six months have really revealed the fact that the system that most students have been a part of has been a very static, one-size-fits-all system that is unable in way too many cases to pivot, to be nimble and flexible and to adjust to new and different circumstances,” DeVos stated in an interview on ‘SiriusXM’.

The Secretary faced severe backlash for her statements from Democrats and netizens as well.

“I don’t know a single person who believes any part of this pandemic has been a ‘good thing’,” Joe Biden criticized DeVos in a tweet.  “Secretary DeVos and President Trump refuse to take this virus seriously—our children are paying the price.”

The Michigan State Democratic Party opposed the Secretary’s statement by tweeting, “Betsy DeVos calling Covid-19 a ‘good thing’ for our schools just goes to show you how divorced this administration is from reality…Let’s not forget: Millions of kids are forced to stay home from school because Trump failed to handle the virus.”

There has also been news about the funding of private schools in the U.S. which did not go well with citizens.

On the same matter, Forbes stated, “As part of the CARES Act, Congress appropriated more than $13 billion to help schools and their students cope with the hardships created by the pandemic. The law quite clearly called for the Department of Education to distribute the most money to the schools with the largest numbers of poor students.”

“DeVos didn’t like that distribution formula and said in April that she would distribute CARES money to schools based on the total number of students, be they rich or poor, in the school. Since there are fewer low-income students in private schools, this would have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars away from public schools towards private schools.”

With the pandemic crossing 6 millions cases in the U.S. and the state making decisions to reopen schools and colleges, things have gotten intense in the United States.


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