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Black Raspberries show effectiveness in minimizing skin inflammation


Consuming black raspberries might reduce swelling connected with skin allergic reactions, a brand-new study shows.

In a research study made with mice and published recently in the journal Nutrients, researchers found that a diet plan high in black raspberries decreased inflammation from contact hypersensitivity– a condition that triggers inflammation and swelling in the skin.

“A lot of times, treatments are directly applied to the skin — things like steroids,” said Steve Oghumu, senior author on the paper and an assistant professor of pathology at The Ohio State University.

“And it was interesting that the mere consumption of a fruit can achieve the same effects.”

The researchers put a group of mice on a diet plan that integrated black raspberries– comparable to a single serving each day for human beings. They likewise kept a control group, where mice were fed the very same diet, but without black raspberries.

Three weeks after the diet plans started, the scientists exposed one of each mouse’s ears to irritants that triggered contact hypersensitivity. Then, they determined the reductions in swelling, comparing the ears of each mouse.

They found that in mice fed a diet plan that included black raspberries, swelling decreased compared to the mice that did not eat black raspberries.

The researchers found that the black raspberries appear to modulate dendritic cells, which function as messengers to the body’s immune system, informing the body immune system to start or not– essentially whether to produce swelling or not.

“The immune system is very complex, with multiple players, and so once you begin to identify the unique cells that are being affected by the berries then it helps us to see how berries are inhibiting inflammation,” Oghumu said. “A lot of the bad effects that we see are not always due to the pathogens or allergens themselves, but are due to the way our body responds to these triggers.”

When it comes to contact hypersensitivity, for example, a person’s skin encounters an irritant and the body responds by flooding the area with cells that trigger inflammation and itching.

“And so one way to manage these types of diseases is controlling that response, and that is one of the things black raspberries appear to be able to do,” he said.

Oghumu and colleagues in his laboratory have actually been studying the effects of black raspberries on inflammation for several years. A diet plan rich in black raspberries has actually revealed guarantee in reducing swelling connected with some types of cancer, and Oghumu and his group have questioned if fruit might likewise help reduce inflammation in other conditions.

This research study is an early sign that those advantages may exist, Oghumu stated. He kept in mind that more work requires to be done to determine what specific properties of black raspberries lead to a decline in swelling.


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