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Keke Palmer: People bullied me for being wholesome


Keke Palmer desires her fans to” be true to who they are”, as she admitted she used to be” teased” for being” wholesome”.

Keke Palmer wants her fans to” be true to who they are”, as she confessed she used to be” teased” for being” wholesome”.

The ‘Hustlers’ star has actually declared individuals would make fun of her when she was maturing due to the fact that she” had a bedtime on tour”, and said individuals often used to presume she” hadn’t experienced life” because of her” wholesome” personality.

Composing on Instagram, she explained: ”Growing up I was often teased for being ”wholesome”, the shows I acted on, the fact that I had a bedtime on tour and even sometimes the way I spoke. What I hated most was that people assumed that because of all these things I somehow hadn’t experienced life. I felt constantly challenged on how ”real” I was when it came to the ”black experience” all because my mom raised me not to wear my hardships. The reality of wanting to be able to communicate in whatever room I was in stopped me from being able to ever be ONE THING. #codeswitch (sic)”

Now, Keke does not care what other individuals think of her, and has actually motivated her followers to do the exact same.

The 27-year-old starlet said she thinks it’s” lame” when individuals aren’t being themselves, and advised her fans to do what makes them happy.

She included:”I say this all to say, no matter your background, no matter your culture, you are valid because you are. Everyone is not the same and that doesn’t make anyone more cool or less. In fact, the only thing that makes a mf lame to me is when they aren’t being TRUE to who THEY are for other people’s acceptance. I can never ever be what anyone else wants me to be, I can only be Keke(which is quite all over the place). You should only be you too! Whatever that is. (sic)”

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