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Lego to stop using plastic bags on new boxed sets starting 2021


Lego stated Tuesday that it will stop utilizing plastic bags inside its boxed sets and replace them with paper ones.

The Danish toymaker said it will start making the switch next year and anticipates plastic bags to be totally phased out in the next 5 years. The bags are used to hold loose bricks in boxed sets.

Lego, along with other big brands, have been searching for methods to cut plastic usage in order to please consumers progressively concerned about how their purchases affect the environment. Monopoly maker Hasbro, for example, has likewise announced plans to remove plastics in its product packaging.

Among the ecological concerns posed by plastic is that it does not break down. Rather, it breaks down into small pieces that can be eaten by birds or other wildlife, endangering their health.

Lego’s colorful bricks are likewise made of plastic, however the business has actually had difficulty finding another product that’s as durable. About 2% of its pieces, such as Lego trees and bushes, are made from sugar cane,

Lego said kids pleaded with the business to drop the plastic bags.

“We have been exploring alternatives for some time and the passion and ideas from children inspired us to begin to make the change,” said Lego CEO Niels B. Christiansen, in a prepared statement.

The paper bags, which are recyclable, are much easier for kids to open, the business said.

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