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Vile Catholic Priest compares Antifa & BLM protesters to NYC Terrorists


A Roman Catholic church in Michigan is asking forgiveness after one of its priests went to the pulpit to compare “wicked” Black Lives Matter protesters to the 9/11 terrorists.

In a horrible livestreamed on the Church of the Divine Child’s Facebook page Saturday, the Rev. Paul Graney marked the previous day’s 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks– and stated that Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators were now the “terrorists assaulting” the US “riot by riot.”

“Al Qaeda’s goal was to come to the United States and kill Americans. Really just wanted to wipe America off the map. And they would have done it if they could,” Graney told his congregants in suburban Detroit.

“But today, those who we see wanting to bring down America are Americans, and they want to do it under the facade of justice, freedom and love,” the priest said.

“But it is all a big bunch of baloney. It’s anti-Christian. It’s anti-family. It’s evil.”

Garney– a priest since 2016– attacked protesters for developing “possibly a few of the ugliest times in our nation’s history.”

“Cars have been torched, property has been destroyed, businesses looted and burned, and police officers and other people have been intimidated, assaulted and even murdered,” he said.

“All in the name of justice, oftentimes the rallying cry being, ‘No justice, no peace,'” he said.

He called Antifa an “anarchist, terrorist group” and assaulted the BLM movement for also working against the conventional “family structure” by supporting LGBTQ people.

“God did not design us to behave homosexual … Humanity is built on the foundation of heterosexual love between a man and a woman,” he told his congregants.

“Now the terrorists attacking us have the endgame of a society with no law, no structure, no government — even no family structure,” he preached.

The video was pulled after 90 minutes, with the Dearborn-based church’s pastor, the Rev. Bob McCabe, excusing the “division, anger, confusion and chaos” the video created. Some congregants saved copies before it was deleted and shared them online.

“As your pastor, I want to assure you that at Divine Child, we love and respect all persons. Every person is sacred in the eyes of God regardless of their race, religion or sexuality,” McCabe said.

He also kept in mind that his priest had not preached about the theme of the day’s Gospel, which fixated forgiveness.

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