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Deranged Ginger Ephrim arrested on kidnapping a Grandmother in St Louis


Ginger Ephrim, 24, was charged Monday with first-degree break-in and kidnapping in a July 29 attack that began outside a Schnucks grocery store near Carondelet Park in St. Louis, where cops state Ephrim pushed a sawed-off shotgun into the senior’s lady back and threatened to eliminate her, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Ephrim forced the lady to drive to a close-by ATM to get money, but she was unable to get any money, according to charging files mentioned by the newspaper.

Ephrim stole the lady’s cellphone and money from her handbag while still in the vehicle prior to getting out a couple of blocks away, leaving the elderly female unscathed, cops stated.

The victim, who later on determined Ephrim in a photo lineup, stated Wednesday her supposed aggressor “frightened the [F***] out of me,” the paper reports.

” In the middle of the day at Schnucks, you don’t expect a lady to stick something in your ribs and tell you she’s gonna k*ll you,” the woman, who asked not to be determined, told the Post-Dispatch.

Ephrim wanted $300, declaring she needed it to feed five hungry kids, the victim stated. A Schnucks security personnel, meanwhile, informed investigators that store customers reported seeing Ephrim attempting to offer a shotgun in the store’s parking lot prior to the stickup, charging files reveal.

” I kept informing her I didn’t have any money and she simply kept pushing that thing in my side and stating that she ‘d kill me de*d,” the female continued. “She wasn’t playing with me.”

After the ATM declined the female’s transaction, Ephrim, who was in the back seat, stole credit and medical cards from her bag, as well as a mobile phone and a driver’s license, the victim said.

Ephrim then asked the lady for an umbrella prior to she hopped out of the vehicle, the elderly victim recalled while stating she desired a possibility to come across her assaulter again.

“The Christian side of me says I gotta forgive her, but the human side of me says I’d like a chance to beat the [expletive] out of her,” the woman told the newspaper, adding she complied with Ephrim’s demands because she didn’t know what to expect next.

“Desperate people will do strange things,” she said. “I’m 80. I made it this far. I don’t need to go out in a blaze of glory.”

Ephrim remained held without bail Thursday at the St. Louis City Justice Center, online records reveal. An attorney was not noted for her Wednesday in court records, the Post-Dispatch reports.

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